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Placemaking Workshop

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

The Musicant Group workshop hosted last week by Indiana Main Street and OCRA was educational and so much fun! In addition to meeting others from around Indiana, we also met and worked with local folks interested in creating inviting and useful spaces where people want to be.

Follow the images below to see the Placemaking process.

Learning the processes of revitalizing downtown areas.

Observing and analyzing the downtown pathways followed by selecting the three alleys for the transformative process.

With the help of many generous sponsors & partners, we were able to stage the alleys with a variety of items!

Transformation #1: $10 fix. Cleaning, painting, pulling weeds, picking up cigarette butts, etc.

Transformation #2: $1,000 fix. Includes plants, chairs, tables, decor, lighting, banners, wayfinding, etc.

Transformation #3: $10,000 fix. Includes decorative pavers, permanent lighting, etc.