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Vote for your favorite Holiday Window display!

Look through the videos, then vote for your favorite on the form below.


It looks like you can set up as many videos as you like—or at least up to 10— but it comes with the HDW Player logo on all videos. 

To remove or customize the HDW Player logo, you'll need to upgrade:

See upgrade info here

With the upgrade, it looks like you may be able to arrange the videos in rows/columns like video setup 2 (below), show the video button (which I can add manually on all), show views, and customize even more.

1. Business Name

2. Business Name

3. Business Name

4. Business Name


You can set up only 6 videos for free, anything after that you'll need to upgrade. I'm also assuming you can also change the font color with the upgrade.

See upgrade info here


It looks like you can add only 10 choices/votes for free, then you have to upgrade for more. In order to make the choices font larger, you'll need to upgrade.

See upgrade info here

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